Friday, January 1, 2010

Flew to Chicago's O'Hare airport today on my way to Milwaukee. There was a long hallway with the floor conveyor lines and colored light panels and neon tubing  on the ceiling that changed colors. It was a bit overwhelming since I was tired from traveling but it was beautiful. I took only this picture because I didn't want to be one of those camera crazy tourists.

I nearly finished a hat today while on the plane, but I didn't like how thin the dark brown was and took over half the hat apart. Now it looks like this but it is way too big for my head. I think I will finish it up and try to felt it so it'll fit me better. I might take some process photos. Fingers crossed that I won't mess it up, I haven't felted anything since Waldorf grade school.

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  1. if its real wool... which obviously it is if you are going to felt it, you can try tossing it into a washing machine- hot water setting, it can do the felting for you, although there is something nice about doing it for yourself