Friday, June 25, 2010

Card batch # 3, paintings and experiments

 The first stage of some experimental tape paintings

One of the things I really love about art is how it isn't really serious until you say it is. I could spend the rest of my life working some random job to pay living expenses as long as I could spend time experimenting with ideas and materials. Studios are laboratories of messes, egos and wonderful mistakes, a safe place to spend time nursing a piece of work to life. And since art is subjective ( like everything else in the world I suppose) you can just let it exist until you decide that yes, this is something you want to show people, this merits attention, criticism and maybe even praise.
Whether I'm ready for it or not, the Compound Gallery Group show is quickly approaching. I have until July 5th to fine tune my work for selection. Since you dear reader are putting in the effort of actually looking at my blog I'll give you a sneak peek, but first card batch # 3!

Super stiff 400lb Arches watercolor paper

It took me a couple of hours to cut and at least 2 exacto blades, but no finger injuries were sustained!

A 3'x4' board served as a base for taping my future paintings and cards. This was an all day affair.

Mmm rectangles

Drying paint

A close-up

Dried paintings, but not quite finished

Close-up of one of the larger pieces (12x15 inches) before I decided it worked better in the other direction.

A few of the finished pieces, arranged in pairs or triptychs

Except for this loner, he works well by himself.

I started to oil paint again. I haven't worked in oils since October of last year, ever since I became enamored with making my own water-based paints. I've had a painting that I started back in October as an experiment. It started as a wood panel prepped with pigmented rabbit skin glue as a size, but then I got into painting with the size, and gluing size paintings onto the panel, and before I knew it I had piece that didn't know where it wanted to go. It has been hanging around, the awkward guest, the well intentioned but never finished project. On a whim I decided to oil paint on top of the paper cutouts and such. I'll show a progression of the painting in a future post, once I've found a photo of the beginning ugly duckling stage.

Here's a clue to the color scheme...

Stage 2 of experimental tape paintings.
Sometime needs to happen, but I'm not quite sure yet. 
More tape layers perhaps?
Stay tuned to find out!

If you live or will be visiting the Bay Area soon come check out the group show!
I promise that it'll be a good time, plus since it's an open studios event you can legitimately peek into the spaces where all the art magic happens...

card batch # 2 unwrapped

Lots of things have been happening that kept me busy and in a little bubble.
I've been sharing a studio space with 2 of my dear friends- it's so good to have a space again! This picture is from when we first moved in- it's a lot more homey now, I'll post a recent photo soon, after I check and make sure it's okay with the art gang.

 The dried paint on the cards.

 A close up of the textures

Carefully taking the tape off

The card revealed!


Just  a small amount of the tape I have left over- more than I know what to do with right now!