Saturday, January 9, 2010

Side projects away from my side projects

Going back to the city I grew up in usually functions as a break in reality for me. Not to say that everything lived there is a fantasy, or that my life in Oakland is a fantasy, but that there are different rules here that govern this "childhood home" world. I end up feeling syncopated, I have multiple existences that refuse to meet up, shifts in thinking and action, a change in motivation.

I did not felt the hat like I said I would. Instead I took it apart, re-crocheted it, disliked it, took it apart and made it again. I'm fairly satisfied with my made 3 times hat now. I haven't painted or drawn or even doodled. I've barely worked on a letter to a friend. I haven't even fixed the 3 broken buttons on my long winter coat. As usual, being home has marked a time of restlessness, excess brooding, devouring of books late into the night, and too much TV. 8 days into the trip and my body is still on west coast time.

The things I have done:
felt more intensely, taught myself how to batch files on Photoshop, and started organizing a website. I would like to say build, but I don't know any html code, and whatever I learned about dreamweaver is lost in a haze of 2nd semester of college memories. I've been editing and resizing files and uploading them. I haven't quite figured out what I'm doing, but it's okay. Here is what I have so far,
but eventually I'll purchase an url and have my own legit website. Feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions to tweak things or radically change them.
I'll try to post a picture of my finished hat soon, but until then, here is an interesting video I came across today. Oh how I love paper!


  1. i so know that feeling... it used to get REAL bad when I was visiting home from washy washington...

    also, i perused your website-in-progress. your paintings are so brooding and elegant! i think bailey's on 65th (cafe in emeryville that julian and i did some work for) might like to hang your work... maybe i can point the owner in your direction?