Friday, May 13, 2011

new paintings in process

4 stretched canvases, 22x34", 26x38",  and 2 18x24" ones.

The first few layers

 A beautiful shape
yum more gold paint!
super tasty passage, god I love how this looks!
2nd to 3rd layer

a lovely painting, before I melted a large circle off while trying to dry it faster. Oh well, live and learn.
 A few of my studio
 A new layer for an old oil painting. Im still picking away at it though.
The group show is coming up at the Compound Gallery; I submitted my newer blue painting and I'm waiting to find out if it was accepted in or not. My newer paintings should be ready by then, but I haven't decided whether I'll have them hanging in the studio or at a high end furniture store that has offered to show and sell my work.

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