Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Process photos

Yesterday I spent around 7 hours at the Compound Gallery working on my second batch of business cards. The vast majority of the time was spent tediously taping the cards to a board so they won't warp when painted. Anyone who has worked with me at any job or had a studio class with me can testify for my fondness of labor intensive work. I've discovered that anything I figure out how to do myself is always more drawn out/difficult that what most people do. I don't mind that it takes forever or that body parts go numb or start to ache. I just shift, stretch a little and go at it. There's a meditative connection between myself and whatever I am working on. I feel connect with the past, and sometimes a sense of pride that I am continuing a task or tradition that has been outdated by technology and human ingenuity. Plus I stubbornly try to distinguish myself from what my peers might be doing, and usually that means I meticulously make things by hand.

  Taped cards

The materials

The setup, painted cards and paper mounted on wood panel miniatures

( The blue tape is where the emboss will be)

 There are 64 business cards drying right now.

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